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Director's Letter Summer 2016


Time, Talent, Treasure, how often we hear these words in the context of giving back to our communities. At the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia it could be a tagline. LCNV has thrived and survived because of our generous supporters giving us their time, talent and treasure. In this newsletter, we highlight the record-breaking financial contributions received this year to support our work, the gifted artist who volunteered her time to creatively display the annual student essays, and an LCNV talented teacher who won a national best teacher award during Blackboard’s teacher-recognition month. I have a few more to share.

As we have mentioned, LCNV is revising the program delivery model. The reasons for change and ongoing process of revisions require structured and thoughtful communication to our stakeholders. LCNV’s long relationship with the Meyer Foundation afforded us an opportunity to apply for a Meyer Management Assistance Program (MAP) grant around communications and marketing. With their financial investment of $25,000, LCNV was able to work with a professional consulting firm to develop a communications case statement, design and print a beautiful promotional marketing piece, and craft a short-term and long term marketing and communications strategy. This grant-funded project will guide LCNV’s outreach efforts for the next three years.

Acumen Solutions employees have donated their time and talent to strengthen LCNV’s business operations and technology. The 15 year-old database system that houses all student and volunteer records has outgrown its usefulness. LCNV is long-past due for a 21st century upgrade, but where do you start? A team of seven Acumen Solutions employees have donated sixteen weeks of time to work with staff on functionality needs, dig deep into our computer systems, and research products that will effectively manage the information LCNV needs for program improvement and communication. Soon we will have a recommendation and solutions blue print for a whole new database system prepared by technology experts – at no cost.

One more time and talent project underway comes from a team of Accenture employees, who are developing a business marketing plan to advance Destination Workforce®.  LCNV has completed the educational framework for the new workforce literacy program for beginning-level English language learners. Now it is time to take it to the market.  Accenture business consultants will do the market research, identify businesses most likely to be interested in Destination Workforce®, and create a business marketing plan for LCNV staff to execute over the next two years. This contribution of time and talent involves six professional Accenture staff and ten weeks of their time.

LCNV never stops moving forward creatively and efficiently to grow the organization and we could not do it without you. Time, talent and treasure will sustain LCNV for another 50 years.    


Patricia Donnelly, Executive Director, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

Patricia M. Donnelly, Executive Director