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Destination Workforce®

Destination Workforce®, a bold initiative of the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, delivers career-specific language and literacy training to immigrants at the lowest literacy levels in Northern Virginia.

Destination Workforce® Mission 

To teach adults basic skills in language and literacy that will improve their employability and empower them to participate more fully and confidently in the workplace.

Through Destination Workforce® the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV) designs, tests, and delivers scalable language-based workforce training for today’s limited English proficient population living under challenging conditions. LCNV teaches immigrants the foundational language, literacy, and cultural skills needed to obtain, succeed and advance in entry level jobs. This unique initiative offers language access to career pathways for those seeking a fast track to an entry level job.

Our Approach: Deliver Innovation Based on Demographics, Research and Best Practices

The Assessed Needs

The U.S. immigrant population stands at almost 40.4 million, or 13 percent of the total U.S. population. Half of all immigrants have limited English proficiency, meaning they speak English less than very well. Inadequate language skills significantly impact their ability to assimilate into the culture, access anything other than the most menial jobs, continue their education, and attain even a modicum of upward socio-economic mobility.

This is the population LCNV has assessed and taught for over 50 years. In 2014 just under 1500 learners — the vast majority immigrants from 93 different countries — accessed services from LCNV. Available data reflect that two thirds did not hold full time jobs and just over half were low income.

LCNV’s Destination Workforce® takes advantage of research findings in adult language learning, literacy, and educational psychology. We use this foundation of knowledge to build career-oriented competencies including cultural fluency, speaking to communicate, and career-targeted literacy. All classes capitalize on supported learning environments; small class sizes are further enhanced by multiple instructors, individualized instruction, and effective integration of technology.

The Product

The product is a curriculum that meets the needs of the workforce, and prepares adults with limited English skills with entry-level workplace skills.

LCNV staff conduct the following activities:

  • Research. Researchers identify workforce opportunities by community
  • Business Collaboration. Academic leaders work with business partners to customize content
  • Design. Design Team develops and pilot-tests curricula
  • Multi-site Implementation. Faculty deliver curricula at LCNV campuses and business-based locations
  • Intensive intervention. Design team insures intensive instruction provided over sixteen weeks (i.e., two linked eight week sessions)
  • Measurement. Researchers measure learning gains with standardized and formative assessments

Our Deliverables

  • Mini-credentials
  • Curricula developed by experts in literacy and language for adults
  • Rapid training and deployment of Instructors
  • Language and literacy assessments, career pathway tools, individualized learning plans, and differentiated instruction tailored to the goals of learners representing diverse cultures, cognitive skills, and aspirations
  • Increased workplace proficiency, (e.g., cultural norms, soft skills, communication, completing forms and applications, job-related vocabulary, using technology at work, working in teams, and more)

The Value of Partnership: Customizing Solutions for a Diverse Clientele

LCNV strives to work in collaboration with others that provide essential complementary services to its customers, such as:

  • Workforce service providers including One Stop Career Centers
  • Businesses that employ immigrants
  • Advocacy services for immigrants
  • Job skills training providers
  • Other education services

To learn more about bringing Destination Workforce® to your workplace, contact:

Associate Director of Community Engagement
Initial Investors and Business Partners in Destination Workforce®:
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One Bank
  • Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads
  • Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing
  • Accenture
The Destination Workforce® Design Team
The original Destination Workforce® Design Team was convened in 2014 to develop a loose framework for the initial pilot project. In the ensuing year additional members joined the team and carried forward the work on the framework, scope, and curriculum.
Original Design Team 
Lead—Carole Bausell
Original teacher/developer for business-based classes—Xavier Muñoz
Original teacher/developer for campus-based classes—Jackie Corkins
Second Year Team
Lead—Carole Bausell
Consultants—Lori Baker and Jackie Corkins
Staff Contributors—Soo Park, Melissa Rea, Lindsay Bouie
Third Year Team
Lead—Carole Bausell
Instructional Designer—Soo Park
Consultant—Jackie Corkins

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