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Annual Recognition Event

June 21, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
James Lee Community Center
2855 Annandale Road
Falls Church

Celebrate the successes of our learners by joining us at the Annual Recognition Event. LCNV students will read essays around the theme “When I Learn English, My Community Grows” that they submitted to our annual essay contest. We will also present awards to LCNV’s dedicated volunteers and community partners. After the ceremony there will be a reception with food and drinks.

About Keynote Speaker, Mark Keam
Mark Keam represents the 35th District in the Virginia House of Delegates, which is considered to be the oldest continuous legislative body in the modern world, with roots dating back to Jamestown in 1619. In November 2009, Keam was elected to an open seat, thereby becoming the first Asian-born immigrant to serve in the Virginia General Assembly.

As a legislator with a strong reputation for bipartisanship and effectiveness, Keam focuses on creating jobs, improving schools, addressing traffic gridlocks, reducing burdens on businesses, strengthening social safety nets, and making the government more transparent, efficient, and accountable. Currently, he serves on the boards of the Virginia Literacy Foundation, the Fairfax Law Foundation Society of Fellows, and the University of Virginia Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.


This year for our Community Service Awards, we are pleased to recognize three organizations who have demontsrated innovative, consistent, and generous support. 

  1. Catalogue for Philanthropy
  2. John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation
  3. Fairfax County Department of Neigborhood and Community Services 

This year for our Volunteers of the Year Awards, we are pleased to recognize three volunteers and the entire instructor training team.

  1. Ro Hofford
  2. Doris Garlock
  3. Anne Jillson
  4. Instructor Training Team, including, Nina Azuola, Claire Brown, Bill Knowlton, Pat Matheson, Pat May, and Karen Singer.

See event invitation.

Call 703-237-0866 or email to let us know if you will attend.

Take a look at the 2015 Annual Recognition Event Book.