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Beginning-Level English Classes

The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV) offers Beginning-Level English classes to adults to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Classes teach adults about American culture and life skills important to the workplace. Classes are offered three times a year and focus on different themes – finance, health and nutrition, civics and community, etc.

Family Learning Program

LCNV's Family Learning Program provides English language classes for parents and caregivers, while their children participate in reading and writing activities and receive homework help. At least twice a month the children join the adult class for Parent and Child Together Time (PACT) activities. The class also encourages reading as a family through workshops, book give-a-ways, and field trips.

Skills-Based Classes

Skills-Based classes go beyond LCNV’s Beginning-Level English classes and focus on reading, writing, pronunciation, computer literacy, and financial literacy. These are for students who have completed the Beginning-Level English classes or if they test out of them.

Destination Workforce®

Destination Workforce® classes help students improve their English language skills to get a job or to advance in their job. These classes teach students the language skills they need at work, including conversation, vocabulary, reading and writing for the workplace.


Students who are enrolled in our programs may also ask for additional one-on-one or small group tutoring help.

Become a Student

Classes are in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

  • You must register prior to class. Enrollment in class is only confirmed in-person.  No pre-registrations accepted.
  • During registration, students pay a registration fee of $75 (for Spring and Fall classes) or $50 (for Summer classes), and take an oral placement exam.
  • Partial and full Scholarships are available.
For more information see our class schedule or contact the Literacy Council at (703) 237-0866.
“I joined LCNV to help adults who need instruction in the English language so they can become active participants in American society… This experience has been very satisfying for me because I have watched my student become more confident in expressing herself in English and she is a role model for the rest of her family. ”
Anne Spear, Volunteer Tutor & Board Member