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Websites for Students

Websites to watch videos, complete online activities, listen and read stories. With an instructor or independently, learn and practice your English, improve your computer skills, prepare for citizenship and more. Many of the websites are specifically for beginning-level English.


A Day at Dollar General: Learn While Shopping - An interactive site for families to learn to track, use and save money. Budgeting, Taking a Shopping Trip, Spending Wisely, and Money Management. Each activity contains games and stories.

AAA Math - Interactive lessons and exercises for learning ordinal numbers with links to additional math lessons

Activities for ESL Students - Variety of bilingual and English monolingual online quizzes and puzzles for grammar and vocabulary. Suitable for a range of levels.

BBC Learning English - Audio, video and text materials for English language learners.

English for the Nursing Assistant - This Web site is intended to help ESL learners prepare for their academic studies in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. In this Communication unit, you will have many opportunities to listen, take notes, practice speaking skills and learn the vocabulary necessary for a profession in the health care field.

English for Work - Video field trips and online interactive activities for learners to experience job skills and targeted vocabulary. Jobs include housekeeping, dishwasher, and laundry worker.

English Pronunciation - This website focuses on listening activities to help with pronunciation. The “Minimal Pair Practice & Quizzes” help learners practice the difference between similar pairs of sounds; the “Listen and Repeat Machine” has hundreds of sentences to practice from; the “Listen and Repeat Podcast” has more basic pronunciation activities. 

Free Rice - Multiple-choice vocabulary game with 60 levels of increasingly difficult vocabulary. See "English Vocabulary" and "English Grammar". Not suitable for literacy and low-level learners.

GCFAprendeLibre - Spanish version of GCFLearnFree intended for Spanish-speaking audiences. Tutorials for basic technology tools, computer software, and popular websites. The "Everyday Life" interactives are accompanied by English grammar and vocabulary lessons in Spanish.

GCFLearnFree - Collection of videos and interactive activities. Tutorials for basic technology tools, computer software, and popular websites. "Everyday Life" has interactive activities such as simulated practice using an ATM, filling out a job application, counting change, reading food labels, and interpreting tax documents. "Learn English" has navigation available in a number of languages like Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, and Chinese. Teacher's Curriculum Guides 

Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students - This site includes word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, idioms, and grammar activities. There is a section on easy things for beginners and another on computer-assisted sentence production to help students write easy sentences. Some of the games and activities relate to life skills.

K5 Stars Sight Words Sentence Builder for Windows - Free, downloadable software for practicing sight words. Learners assemble sentences from given words. Learners can listen to the individual words and the complete sentence as many times as desired. Second grade Dolch sight words are included in 45 sentences presented in random order.

Language Guide - Basic picture vocabulary guides listed by category. Pages are interactive in that you can mouse over a picture to hear and read the word. Some pages have a quiz mode where student chooses the picture of the word heard. Picture guides also available in other languages.

Learn Touch Typing Free - TypingClub - Online typing tutorials for basic keyboarding skills to build typing speed up to 10-12 words per minute and then up to 40-90 words per minute. No account is required. See similar online typing tutorial.

Learning Chocolate - Interactive website for learning vocabulary with pictures, sounds, and games. Site navigation also available in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and German. Some of the content is geared towards children.

Listen and Read - 15 nonfiction stories told through images, words and audio.

Low-Level Reading Modules with a Focus on Word Families - Online reading lessons for adult ESOL learners with activities and instruction in decoding, word family recognition, and comprehension. Stories are printable. There are two stories per each of the three life skills themes (Home, Health, Daily Activity/Work). Each story focuses on two word families.

LyricsTraining - Learn Languages with Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke - Enhances language skills with music videos and song lyrics. Students can watch and sing along with the songs using the "Karaoke" mode. Game modes are gap-fill exercises where listeners type the missing words in the lyrics as they listen along. The website's navigation is also available in Spanish.

NewsELA - Current event news articles that can be read at 5 different levels. Includes a variety of topics including money, law, kids, and health. Need to make an account.

News in Levels - A variety of current news stories in English levels 1, 2, and 3. Can choose different levels for the same story. Audio tracks are included with each story at each level so that students can hear what they are reading as well.

Northstar Online Digital Literacy Assessment - An online, self-guided tool to assess one's ability to perform basic digital literacy skills like using the internet, Mac OS X and Windows 7, Microsoft Word, and e-mail. Results show what specific skills need improvement. Available in English and Spanish. Closed captioning available for the assessments.

Preparing For The Oath: U.S. History and Civics for Citizenship - Video-based online study guide for the civics portion of the US Naturalization exam. Includes practice tests written at the low-intermediate level. Teacher's guides & downloadable worksheets make this resource also suitable for working with lower-level English language learners.

ProLiteracy Educational Network - Self-paced online courses for tutors and teachers, many of which relate to teaching reading and to preparing students for the citizenship exam. The website also has a section for students, including interactive activities, stories at a variety of levels, activities, to prepare for the citizenship exam, and opportunities to practice everyday skills such as writing notes to their children's teachers.

Randall's Basic Self-Study Guide - Over 250 "Listening Conversations" in basic, easy, medium, and difficult levels. Each activity includes pre- and post-listening discussion questions, vocabulary exercises, and online investigation activities to encourage critical thinking skills. Note: "Easy" activities are not for true beginners.

Ratatype - Online Touch Typing Tutor and Typing Lessons - Typing tutorials for basic keyboarding skills with on-screen color-coded keyboard. Repeatable typing test leads to typing certificate. Free account is required.

Reading Skills Stories - Student Lessons - Printable stories written for readers at the 0.7-8th grade levels with accompanying prereading, comprehension, and writing activities. Stories can be simultaneously listened to and read. Website also contains numerous easy ESOL lessons on subjects ranging from computational skills to employment.

REEP's English Practice - This site has interactive units on life skills content related to health, family, and work. Many of the lessons start with a picture-based story to aid the low-proficiency or low-literacy learner. A "How to use this website" section helps students with limited computer skills to navigate the website. The "Teacher Resources" section complements the online lessons with downloadable and editable materials.

Senior Tutorials and Computer Skills - Designed for seniors, the interactive software includes voice and written directions for building computer skills such as using arrow keys and a mouse. Clear visuals illustrate ergonomic hand positioning to avoid pain.

Sense-lang - Learn how to type - Typing tutorials and games for basic keyboarding and keypad skills. On-screen keyboard provides immediate feedback for mistakes. Activities to practice dictated typing. Repeatable typing test leads to typing certificate. Tutorials also available for keyboards in multiple languages. Loading time may be slow.

Story by Story Phonics Lessons - 12 printable phonics-based stories that are read to the pre-literate ESOL and low-level beginner for reading and pronunciation practice. The stories demonstrate phonics patterns at or below a second grade reading level. The stories were originally developed as print material by the Learning Disabilities Association.

The Times in Plain English - Current event news articles for more advanced English readers.

Unite for Literacy - A collection of written and narrated picture stories looking at the world from a child’s eyes. Accessible on computers and mobile devices with internet connection; very easy navigation. The link for each story can be e-mailed (directly to students) and shared on social media. The stories fall under categories like “Plants and Food”, “Technology”, “Community” and “Healthy me.” For each story you can hear narration in English as well as other languages. Although not for every story, some of the languages available are Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

USCIS Naturalization Interview and Test Video - Get more comfortable for your citizenship interview. Watch five example naturalization interview dialogues between USCIS officers and applicants. The five example dialogues show (1) Meeting and greeting at the USCIS office, (2) Answering questions from Form N-400, (3) Following instructions, (4) Taking the civics test, and (4) Taking the reading and writing tests. Subtítulos en español.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - Study for the Test - Used to help prepare for the various parts of the citizenship test and naturalization interview. There are online practice tests as well as downloadable audio and pdf materials available in a number of languages. There are also interactive tools to practice vocabulary and commands used during the interview.

U.S.A. Learns - Interactive website with 44 stories for intermediate level readers and 20 video-based units for ESOL learners at the beginning and intermediate levels. Units are thematically organized and focus on life skills. Each unit has a variety of exercises and a picture dictionary.

Voice of America - Audio recordings of current and past news and entertainment stories with the accompanying printed stories. Related vocabulary (provided by Merriam-Webster) and activities are provided.

We are New York - 10 videos regarding topics from Love and Money to Health and even Domestic Violence. Includes magazines and transcripts of the videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Bengali.